About Us

Learning from best practices

In setting up our facilities and apple production we strongly rely on the vast knowledge of highly experienced apple producers and consultants from the most prominent apple-growing region in Europe – SOUTH TYROL. Our production is based on the principles and technology they have developed and perfected in half a century long tradition of apple growing in this Italian region.

Transferring know-how

We believe that cooperation within industry is necessary. Several times a year we visit the most advanced orchards in Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia to exchange our results and experiences with our peers.

Applying cutting edge technology

We are on the constant quest for innovation and improvement, and when it comes to technology and knowledge we strive to always keep pace with new trends. All the key equipment and materials we use come from the top notch suppliers in the relevant fields.

  • Irrigation system by Netafim
  • Sorting and packaging solution by Longobardi
  • ULO&DCA storing facility by Isolcell

Risk mitigation

Providing our buyers with stable and predictable supply, both in terms of quality and quantity, is one of the core prerequisites of building a sustainable business. That is why we are investing heavily in equipment and training aimed at mitigating all the major risk aspects of our business. Our orchard is fully covered with:

  • Irrigation/ Fertigation system
    We installed the Netafim drip irrigation system with full control from remote location.
  • Anti-hail system
    Overhead anti-hail nets cover the whole planted area.
  • Anti-frost system
    We are the only producer in Serbia with fully installed over-canopy anti-frost system with effective defense range to - 8ºC.
  • Remote access weather station and soil monitoring system
    Complete real time weather and soil condition update.
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