About Us


Location and History

Our apple is produced in the northernmost part of Serbia, in the province of Vojvodina that is considered the agricultural heart of Serbia. We located our production in Ridjica, the small village on the very border with Hungary that nurtures the tradition of organized fruit growing dating from the early 19th century. At that time the region was a part of the Habsburg Empire and the whole village was owned and governed by the Kovac family which established and operated vineyards and pear orchards on more than 50 acres. Longstanding tradition and caring commitment of local people to fruit growing reflect in the exceptional quality that we deliver.


The region of Vojvodina is characterized by a very favorable climate with the high number of sunny days and moderate amount of rainfall. Benefits of these weather conditions are reflected in the quality of our products. Due to the particular micro climate effect present in our orchard resulting in high differences between night/day temperatures we are able to achieve excellent coloration of red varieties.

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