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Storing & Sorting

Our storing and sorting facility is designed and built in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Cold storage equipped with DCA (Dynamic Control Atmosphere)

DCA is new patented technology applied for fruit and vegetables conservation. It uses fluorescence detection sensors to dynamically control the atmosphere and allows storing fruit at its lowest respiration rate. With DCA technology we can create the ideal conditions for the medium-long term storage of any kind of fruit, especially apples. Another advantage of using DCA is the ability to control scald which is a significant disorder of many apple varieties during medium-long term storage. The technology doesn't include any additional chemical treatments of the fruit.

More than 350.000 tons of apples are stored worldwide using ISOSTORE® technology. This new technology was patented in Canada and further developed by the researcher Dr. Angelo Zanella of the Agricultural Research Institue Laimburg. It has been applied successfully for the medium-long term storage of apples and is distributed exclusively by ISOLCELL Italia S.p.A. the leading company in this sector. This technology uses fluorescence detection sensors to dynamically control the atmosphere and allows to store fruit at its lowest respiration rate.

These sensors called F.I.R.M. (Fluorescence Interactive Response Monitor) measure the amount of light emitted by the fruit's peel in the form of fluorescence. This enables us to exactly pin point the A.C.P. (Anaerobic Compensation Point) an essential parameter in determining the minimum level of O2 to be maintained in the room during storage. The use of these sensors ensures the quick and precise determination of the A.C.P. both online and in real time, making the use of ISOSTORE® technology both very easy and very safe.

Sorting & Packaging

With the first grading line with water channel pre-sorting in Serbia we are able to offer a wide range of packaging solutions and quickly respond to the specific customer demands.

We offer the following packaging solutions:

  • 1 layer carton
  • 2 layer carton
  • Max pack
  • Wooden box
  • Package branded upon buyer's request

Other packaging solutions are available on request.